“The program was the perfect formula to enter various facets of the medical device industry and hit the ground running . . . You get exactly what’s needed in the industry today, it’s the complete package.”
-- Shreyas Dighe, Class of 2015

“The program provided me with the opportunity to learn from the first-hand experiences of people in the industry . . . Not only do I feel much more prepared entering the medical device industry, but I have also made lifelong connections with professors and classmates.”
-- Courtney Kline, Class of 2014

“I can say with confidence that I am completely prepared to begin my career in the medical device industry.”
-- Keanoeka MingoiaClass of 2015

“Being part of BioID felt as though I was part of a biomedical device company.”
-- Vinuta MayakondaClass of 2015

"I learned details behind the process of developing a medical device. I plan to continue in product development engineering. In 5-10 years I hope to become a product development manager for a medical device company, or project manager. This program has helped me to be placed in a position as lead engineer at a medical device company".
-- Emily BraymanClass of 2013

"The BioID program has truly ignited my flame to help those in need. The classmates I have been able to work with and the mentorship that we recieved is absolutely invaluable. We now have an in depth understanding of what it takes to create a successful medical device from ideation commericialization and more importantly how to translate something thats an idea into reality. I see all my classmates being the future leaders and I could not be happier to have spent this 1 year with them".
-- Luka Grujic, Class of 2013

"The BioID program has been a fantastic accelerator for my career. I now am well versed in aspects of the medical device industry that I was not aware of before. The efforts made by the program to make this a unique experience for each student, the multitude of resources offered by Tech's campus, and dedication of the faculty to advise and help us in our career placement goals made the experience extremely valuable. I will be pursuing Quality Engineering and Regulatory Affairs at a medical device company in my first job out of this program and hope to move into a project manager type role and beyond in the next 5-10 years. If there is one key take away from the program, it is "Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!" -- We have had the oppportunity to network with top industry professionals, have fantastic local mentors, and learn and ask questions that helped expand our knowledge in prepararation for entering almost any facet of the medical device industry".
-- Christina Walinski‚ÄčClass of 2013

"Exposure. Exposure. Exposure. As a technical student, this program provides you with the projects and contacts that can propel you into almost any Facet of the medical device industry".
-- Sven MoonClass of 2013