Testimonals from Industry Leaders

“Medtronic has hired BioID graduates because we believe that the diverse project-based curriculum produces graduates capable of working across the Company in a variety of roles.
More importantly, we feel that the long term impact of the program is to provide future medtechindustry leaders with a rare appreciation of the full cradle to grave device development process. I believe that Medtronic’s next General Manager/President is a BioIDgraduate.”
--Walt Baxter, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist
Medtronic, PLC

“We think the program has much merit to produce viable candidates for the medical device industry and for companies like ours.  Our company has an extensive on-boarding process to teach young engineers the processes involved in the development of medical technology; the program you propose would go a long way towards providing this need for our company.”
-- Rafael V. Andino, Research and Development Director
Bard Medical Division, C.R. Bard Inc.

“We believe this program provides a very good understanding of the full life cycle needs for medical device design, manufacturing, regulatory, funding, and marketing. In fact we felt this program provided such a good foundation and understanding of what is needed in the Medical device industry that we offered positions in our company to all five graduates that we interviewed.”
--Howard Baker, Vice President, Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Facet Technologies, LLC